Concert Artistes Association

London WC2E, 2020

The Concert Artistes’ Association, a private members club for entertainment professionals in Covent Garden, has had an extensive upgrade to their home of 50 years. The building and the club is unique; it is one of the last remaining privately owned buildings in the area and one of the last surviving clubs of its kind with an archive of old ‘variety’ era posters. Members include ventriloquists, dancers, magicians and singers and it is this unique atmosphere that we aimed to capture in its refurbishment. A bygone era preserved whilst adapting to modern needs.

Project Leader: Jessica Williamson

Images © French + Tye

With a brief for a refurbishment that oozes warmth and history, the club wanted an upgrade that accommodated existing elderly members whilst also appealing to new members.

BVDS improved wayfinding and accessibility for members with the addition of a mirrored lift core up to the bar and first floor area, a new kitchen and widened corridor spaces. The refurbishment was completed with a colourful and luxurious interior palette for the bar, performance hall and entry atrium that promotes and respects the heritage and glamour of the club.


Drawing Board 2020

Field House 2020

Vault House 2020

Concert Artistes Association 2020

Bladerunner House 2020

Hoxton House 2020

Two and a Half Storey House 2020

Long Brick House 2019

Jewel Box 2019

L-Beam House 2019

Pale Brick House 2019

Ogee House 2019

Love Your Home and Garden (ITV) – Swindon 2019

Love Your Home and Garden (ITV) – Hemel Hempstead 2018

Leytonstone House 2018

Love Your Home and Garden (ITV) – Mansfield 2018

Steampunk House 2018

Woodworker’s Studio 2018

Two Tone House 2018

Steel Frame House 2017

Queen Margaret’s Grove 2017

Gable House 2017

Love Your Home and Garden (ITV) – Eltham 2017

Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy Centre 2017

Photographer’s House 2017

Shine Holistic 2017

De Beauvoir Square 2016

Epsom House 2016

Shine On The Green 2016

Oldfield Road 2016

Barrel House 2016

London Fields Loft 2016

Hampstead Apartment 2016

N16 Loft 2015

Yoakley Road 2015

Bowers Way 2013

Porth Cottage 2013

Trevelyan House 2014

Clissold Crescent 2013

Victoria Mews 2013

The Studio 2012