Love Your Home and Garden (ITV) – Eltham

Season 1, Episode 2, 2017

New spacious pastel pink kitchen extension presented on Love Your Home and Garden ITV.
Beautiful teal bookshelf and a coloured leather arm chair forming the perfect reading corner.

It has been an honour to transform Manisha, Rajeev and Aryan’s home for ITV’s ‘Love Your Home and Garden’ with Alan Titchmarsh. We had the opportunity to perform the role of TV presenters and architects, combined.

Aryan, 11, suffers from cerebal palsy and his mother, Manisha, cares for him at home. The existing house was small, with narrow corridors and no external access for taking Ayran into the garden.

Project Leader: Claire Holton

Front facade of the refurbished house including large sliding doors and planting.
Love Your Home and Garden ITV BVDS Directors George Bradley and Ewald Van Der Straeten with show presenters.

We extended the house to the side to create a larger kitchen and removed interior walls to lose the narrow corridors and create an open plan space. We also opened up the rear of the property onto a new ground level terrace, with platform lift access to the transformed garden.

Blush pink bookshelf splitting the kitchen.
The process of renovating and filming on the Love Your Home and Garden show on ITV.
Perspective view of the large sliding doors and spacious rear patio.
In the process of discussing the project on the Love Your Home and Garden show on ITV.

‘Just can’t believe it’s my house. It’s just so amazing and I’m truly humbled. Thank you thank you thank you is never going to be enough. Truly grateful from the bottom of my heart for everything’
– Manisha

Blush pink kitchen compose beautifully with the black sink and fittings.
Teal fireplace and bookshelf become the key focus points in the living room and dining area of the refurbished extension.
Photograph of the family and owners of the renovated home alongside the BVDS directors.