Photographer’s House

N16 Stoke Newington London, 2017

Interior view of the side extension including a new kitchen with a pastel minimal colour palette.

A glazed return roof, large French doors and a muted pastel colour palette create a contemporary light and airy family space that contrasts with the cosy, traditional living area at the front of the house.

Project Leader: Jessica Williamson

View of the dining space opposite the kitchen overlooking a bespoke white bookshelf and large doors opening up to the beautiful garden.
Beautiful timber room with large windows allowing plenty of light to come through. Green sofa and armchair fitting with the timber as well as the greenery outside.
Side extension view overlooking the staircase leading to the rest of the house. Minimal colour palette allows focus on the various materials used and details such as the bookshelf in the back.
Rustic door leading into the side extension showing a combination of various materials and the amount of light shining into the extension through roof lights.
Pastel green large kitchen with marble worktops including a large roof light providing the space with plenty of sunlight.
Painted floorboards in the side extension leading to the large doors
Light filled bathroom with a minimal colour palette with its central features being the round mirror and extended sink.