Two Tone House

Brockley SE4, 2018

A side and loft extension clad with black standing seam zinc with bespoke oak bi-fold door

This large terrace house for a young family is extended with a zinc clad ground floor extension and capped with a zinc loft. Light oak framed glazing contrasts the dark zinc externally, while a two tone bespoke concrete kitchen sits inside.

Project Leader: Joanna Jones

Mortise concrete worktop black MDF concreto strata tile vola brass tap buster+punch handles bi-fold door
Bespoke oak bi-fold door patio black mdf concreto strata tile Buster+punch handles
Vola brass tap mortise concrete worktop black bespoke bi-fold door framed glazing
standing seam zinc cladding black concreto strata tile mortise concrete worktop MDF Bespoke oak bi-fold door
cork nook timber black mortise concrete worktop kitchen
loft timber flooring framed glazing
hidden timber staircase sliding door shelving
black MDF mortise concrete worktop buster+punch handles