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‘Exceptionally liveable spaces with an eclectic aesthetic.’

– The Modern House


A vibrant transformation of two mansion flats into a stunning two-storey family home in Belsize Park, London.

Finalist for the 2024 British Homes Award Interior Design of the Year.


Colourful Homes

In this article, our head of interiors, Jessica shares what she recommends when using colour. She talks about why she loves working with colour in our projects and how our studio uses colour to transform living spaces.

Healthy Homes

In this article, we share the seven design principles we consider when we design a home to be healthier for its inhabitants. We also discuss why we believe that the spaces and buildings that we occupy have the power to improve our mood, health and wellbeing.

Low Impact Homes

We believe the design of houses is not just about aesthetics and liveability, but also about considering the impact of the building on the planet. In this article, we discuss how you can focus on three effective changes that can minimise the impact of your home on the the wider environment.

2.5 Storey House

We speak to clients Andrew and Beth about Two and a Half Storey House, to hear what it was like working with us and find out what it’s like living in a Bradley Van Der Straeten designed house.

Hawthorn House

In this interview we speak with Gareth and Richard about how they designed the planting of their beautiful garden and how architecture and plants combine to create this urban oasis.

Ogee House

We speak to the clients at our Ogee house project to find out what it is like living in their home, and what their experience of working with us and doing the construction was like.

Work in progress

Every project we do is different and challenges us in a unique way. We have some exciting projects in development; including a new build Passivhaus in Shepperton, an artists live/work unit in North London and the transformation of a beautiful semi-detached property near Hampstead Heath into a family home.

Listen to our podcast

We are passionate about designing homes and always want to be better at it, that is why we are curious about how other people around the world do it. In Another Architecture Podcast our director George shares his genuine passion for residential architecture and his curiosity for other designers’ work, by talking with his guests about the amazing houses they have designed.

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