Stoke Newington, 2021

The adaptation of a Grade II listed Stoke Newington apartment that promotes practical, modern living and honours the building’s heritage for Tom, Jo and their two tortoise.


‘Most of the people who visit also saw the state it was in prior to renovating so they’re shocked with the difference.’ Jo


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The client

Tom and Jo approached us with their unique listed Stoke Newington apartment to transform the tired and somewhat odd interior and layout into a functioning, beautiful space.

The Original House

The existing late 18th century property was in a tired state when Tom and Jo took it over – but they saw the potential and so did we. In need of a full internal refurbishment, finishes were tatty with bright, clashing paintwork distracting from the beautiful original features of the property like timber panelling and beautifully proportioned sash windows.

The traditional layout incorporated a central stair with a single room either side – including the upstairs bedrooms under the slated mansard with traditional dormers for daylight. A thick large chimney breast built into the outrigger element separated the old kitchen and living spaces on the main living floor. With strange alterations over the years, kinked walls and a disconnected plan – the place was in need of a rethink within the parameters of listed building consent.

The Brief

Tom and Jo’s brief was all about modern living and an appreciation of the existing spaces and features. Their preference was for a fully open plan kitchen and dining space, with a large bathroom and uniquely, the loss of one bedroom to enable a better priority on the living area. Storage was also key to the agenda – with Tom and Jo wanting ‘a place for everything’.

Heritage briefing made clear we needed to respect the existing form and layout of the building with very stringent requirements. We were assisted by heritage specialist Martin McKay in navigating the requirements while still satisfying the clients contemporary needs.

The Design Solution

The design solution came about by relocating the kitchen into the main body of the plan and removing the awkward kinked wall that abutted the existing huge chimney breast. We navigated council requirements to incorporate a dining area with a built in bench to ensure a connected eating area whilst make the best use of the minimal available space.

The bathroom took the place of the existing kitchen, creating a large family bathroom complete with separate bath and shower, while the previous bathroom transitioned to form a separate study space.

We were lucky enough to work in conjunction with interior designer, Lizzie Green, for the feel and finishes. With clients who were incredibly open to colour throughout the design process, Lizzie paired the existing retained features beautifully with the new.

‘It’s a unique property and people are really drawn to the original features, such as the panelling so it’s been great to be able to retain and celebrate those alongside the new.’ Jo

Thank you’s

Project Architect – Jessica Williamson

Interior Designer – Lizzie Green

Heritage Consultant – Martin McKay

Photography – Ben Sage

About us

Bradley Van Der Straeten is an award winning architecture studio that specialises in refurbishing, extending and building homes for private clients. Established in 2010 by friends George Bradley and Ewald Van Der Straeten, the studio loves creating colourful, fun and liveable spaces. To find out more about our story click here.

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