Guild – Another Architecture Podcast

Every fortnight join our director George, as he interviews architects from around the world to find out how they create inspirational places to live. His podcast has been selected by Elle Decoration as one of the 8 best architecture and design podcasts.

In this episode, George talks to the architect Anais Blehaut, one of the founders of Daab Design about their latest project Guild.

The project is a transformation of a beautiful 18th Century Georgian townhouse in central London. Daab have restored the 5 floor property, which, in its latest incarnation, was being used as a mix of office space and apartments, into a home for a family of seven.

What daab have done to this 260 year old property is beautiful. They have carefully balanced preservation with the needs for modernising by taking a very respectful approach to the challenges of working with an historic building. However, they have managed to balance this with being extremely bold, particularly with colours.

The home is of its place, it could only be in London, but this is the London straight from a movie set; Dickens, Sherlock Homes, you wouldn’t even be surprised if Mary Poppins turned up on the doorstep as the new family nanny.

At the end of the episode, George ask Anais the three questions he asks all his podcast guests;
– what really annoys her about her home?
– what house has she visited that has really inspired her?
– and, if she could choose anyone to design her a new house, who would she choose?

If you would like to find out more about Daab Design and their project Guild, you can find more information on the episode page at, including images, plans and links to further information.

We hope you enjoy listening!