Terrarium House – Another Architecture Podcast

In this episode George is joined by architect John Ellway, the designer and occupant of the awesome Terrarium House. You can play the episode directly below, or use your preferred podcast platform to listen.

Terrarium House is a plant filled property that defines inside outside living. It is a renovation and extension of a typical bungalow in Brisbane, Australia, but from the street frontage all does not appear normal. The façade is a tangle of vines with a secret front door and inside the landscaped spaces blur the boundary between garden and home.

George talks to John about the plant filled spaces that lie within and how he designed this beautiful home for himself and his family.

At the end of the interview George asks him the three questions he asks all of his guests; what is the one thing that annoys him in his home, what home has he visited that has made him feel happy and, if he could choose anyone to design him a house, who would he choose?

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