Villa Chams – Another Architecture Podcast

In this episode, George talks to the architect Carl Gerges about his first project Villa Chams, a private residence located in the arid landscape of Lebanon.

Based in Beirut, Carl runs his own architecture studio, but he is also well known as a member of the band Mashrou’ Leila, which he formed with fellow architecture students at the University of Beirut.

He is in the unique position of having featured on the cover of Architectural Digest and Rolling Stone magazine.

In the interview they talk about how he has managed to pursue his passion for architecture alongside being a successful musician. They also talk about the stunning villa that he has created and the influences behind the design

At the end of the episode, he asks Carl the three questions he asks all his podcast guests;
– what really annoys him about his home?
– what house has he visited that has really inspired him?
– and, if he could choose anyone to design him a new house, who would he choose?

If you would like to find out more about Carl Gerges and Villa Chams, you can find images and links on the episode page at For security and privacy reasons all the images are photo realistic renders.