Villa Patio – Another Architecture Podcast

In this episode George is joined by Alicia Casals, one of the co-founders of Nomo Studio. They talk about their project, Villa Patio, located on the Spanish island of Minorca.

It is a private residence that is very sculptural in form, the entire villa appears to be carved out of a block of white stone. The design concept is underlined by complex geometrical rules revolving around a pentagon, but don’t worry, this one looks nothing like the one in Washington.

George loved talking with Alicia and finding out about how the studio used geometry to respond to the orientation of the site, by making the most of good views, shielding the bad ones from view and providing protection from the strong Balearic winds. The result of their approach is a beautiful courtyard villa with amazing views of the Mediterranean.

At the end of the episode, George asks Alicia the three questions he asks all his podcast guests;
– what really annoys her about her home?
– what house has she visited that has really inspired her?
– and, if she could choose anyone to design her a new house, who would she choose?

If you would like to find out more about Nomo Studio and their project Villa Patio, you can find more information on the episode page at, including images and links to some of the references in the interview.

We hope you enjoy listening.