Winter Workshop – In aid of Crisis

This holiday season we are launching a special initiative in aid of Crisis where we invite a lucky few of our loyal supporters, to come to our studio for an in-depth discussion to unlock the potential of their home. All we ask in return is a charitable contribution to Crisis.

The two-hour session will be in our London Fields studio. The main focus of the workshop will be generating great ideas for your home and sketching them out, live with you. We will also be able to help you with the following questions;

– How can I achieve the aspirations and requirements I have for my home?
– How long will the project take and how much will it cost?
– What are the next steps for achieving my project and how does the process work?
– How can I make my home more energy efficient?
– How can I make my home a more healthy space to live in?

Book your session by clicking HERE!

The fee for the session is a donation of £290.70 to Crisis. Your donation will pay for 10 gifts this Christmas that could give someone who is homeless a safe place to stay, a Christmas dinner, access to health and wellbeing programmes and support to leave homelessness behind for good.

(Please note, once payment has been made to Crisis, we cannot offer a refund.)

We will contact you after your booking with advice on how you can prepare for the session and what to bring.

We look forward to designing with you!