WOWOWA – Another Architecture Podcast

Listen to our  new podcast, hosted by George, where he interviews architects from around the world to find out how they create inspirational places to live.

In this episode, George is joined by architects Monique and Scott Woodward, founders of Melbourne based studio, WOWOWA Architects.

If Willy Wonka ever need to commission an architect to design him a house, this is the team he would choose. Different, rule breaking, lick-able and yummy are all words that can be used to describe their work. We love taking inspiration from them for our projects.

George catches up with them to find out how they create some of their incredible houses, discuss why narrative is important in their work and find out why they think life is too short for boring spaces.

At the end of the interview he asks them the three questions he will be asking all of his guests; what is the one thing that annoys them in their home, what home have they visited that has made them feel happy and, if they could choose anyone to design them a house, who would they choose?

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