Empire House – Another Architecture Podcast

In this episode of our director’s podcast he talks to Ray Dinh, design associate at Austin Maynard Architects In Melbourne, Australia. They talk about their amazing, award winning project Empire House.

It is a suburban bungalow, located in Canberra, that has been radically transformed with the addition of two extensions. The additions are pavilions, both separated from the existing building by glass corridors. As well as being physically distinct, they are visually distinct from the host building and clad in zinc shingles.

It is a very unique way of transforming an existing house. The fact they are pavilions means the spaces inside, which are a new bedroom and a new kitchen, are cross lit and cross ventilated and have 360 degree views of the garden.

At the end of the interview George asks Ray the three questions he asks all of his guests; what is the one thing that annoys him in his home, what home has he visited that has made him feel happy and, if he could choose anyone to design him a house, who would he choose?

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