House Recast – Another Architecture Podcast

To celebrate one year of his podcast, George has a special treat. He discusses the house recently  named at the Don’t Move improve awards as London’s best new home improvement project. His guest is the architect Ben Allen, founder of Studio Ben Allen and they discuss House Recast.

The project is a reinterpretation and extension of a typical home from the Victorian era, that creates a beautiful sequence of playful spaces, filled with colour, texture, pattern, curved shapes and filtered natural light. The judges described it as a project that ‘pushes the boundaries of how homes can look and feel’.

What is really interesting about this project is the wider themes it explores. Ben has used it as a test bed for ideas about off-site production, not something that is usually explored on small, compact and challenging sites such as this one.

At the end of the episode, George asks Ben the three questions he asks all of his podcast guests;
– what really annoys him about his home?
– what house has he visited that has really inspired him?
– and, if he could choose anyone to design him a new house, who would he choose?

If you would like to find out more about Studio Ben Allen and their project House Re-Cast, you can find more information on the episode page at, including images, plans and links to further information.

We hope you enjoy listening!