Exploring Residential Design by Bradley Van Der Straeten Architects in London

Embarking on the journey of transforming homes in London into bespoke and captivating living spaces, Bradley Van Der Straeten Architects brings a fresh perspective to design solutions. As a residential architect in London, our commitment goes beyond the conventional, crafting homes that are joyful, colourful, and thoughtfully designed for contemporary living.

Let’s delve into a journey through some of our notable residential projects, each addressing design challenges unique to London’s diverse house typologies.

Mazarine – Belsize Park, London

Mazarine represents the vibrant union of two mansion apartments in Belsize Park, crafting a two-story family home. With a design focus on maximizing daylight and a client deeply passionate about travel, art, and natural materials, Mazarine unfolds as an eloquent expression of colour, light, and flow.

It stands as a noteworthy project that exemplifies our expertise in delivering high-end bespoke interiors, and one that we take immense pride in. The interview with Sreeja and Gautham, the occupants of Mazarine is a really interesting insight into the collaboration we had with them on the interiors. Read the interview by clicking here.



The Judd – Tottenham, London

The Judd is a bold and vibrant transformation of a Victorian terrace into a low energy home, inspired by the work of the American artist Donald Judd. This project was awarded Best Interior Design at the 2023 British Homes Awards. We think it is a great example of how a home designed for low energy and sustainable living can also be beautiful.

Learn about the before-and-after results of the sustainable design approach to this home by reading this article.



Hawthorn House – Hackney, London

A garden oasis property in De Beauvoir, London, that celebrates unadorned craftsmanship and the design minds of its inhabitants. This project was awarded Best Home Transformation at the 2022 British Homes Awards.

This is a great example of how we love to consider the garden as an integral part of a home transformation. The best way to explore this project is to watch the video we made with the clients by clicking here.



Tonal Terrace – Hackney, London

Tonal Terrace is a four-storey townhouse in Dalston re-imagined and transformed into a bold, colourful and bohemian sanctuary. We love working with colour because of its transformative power and ability to infuse homes with vibrancy and individuality.

Check out the beautiful array of colours used to transform this London Townhouse on the project page by clicking here.



The Venetian Pantry – Hackney, London

The Venetian Pantry is a remodel of a Victorian terrace in Stoke Newington, with a rustic, Italian charm, that is centred around a sociable kitchen and its pantry.

To us, this project represents what can be achieved with simplicity. It also shows that we appreciate variation in our designs, as it is entirely different from some of our other projects. This project utilizes very little colour and, instead, relies on natural materials and light to create spaces that are warm and personable. Explore the project by clicking here.

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Whether you’re envisioning a vibrant union of spaces like Mazarine, a sustainable transformation like The Judd, a garden oasis like Hawthorn House, a colourful sanctuary like Tonal Terrace, or a rustic Italian charm like The Venetian Pantry, we’re here to discuss your unique vision.

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