Shine On The Green

N16 London, 2016

Beautiful brass worktop stands out in the minimalist interior of a hair salon in Stoke Newington.

The refurbishment of flagship hair and beauty centre, Shine on the Green, employed a simple palette of brass and bamboo to create a hierarchy of the welcoming reception and retail space with more intimate and tranquil salon spaces beyond.

Project Leader: Cristina Blanco Montero

Bamboo Plyboo joinery and brass finishes along white surfaces and walls give the space an elegant and aesthetically pleasing appearance.
A close up of the Bamboo Plyboo joinery along LED light strips incorporated in the ceiling.
The joinery works as a division of space between the reception and hair salon as well as shelving for hair care products.

‘I love disagreeing with a professional and then being proven so wrong when their suggestions work so much better than I imagined.’
– Carla

A close up of the bespoke joinery and contemporary storage units which hold hair care products.