Epsom House

KT18 Surrey, 2016

Exposed brick walls and timber beams in the new kitchen extension.

Natural materials of exposed brick and timber structure, highlighted by rooflights, make for a warm extension into the garden for this Epsom property. Three large bi-fold doors across the back of the house open up this spacious open kitchen and living area.

Project Leader: Cristina Blanco Montero

Three blue bi-fold doors and brick facade of the rear extension.
Close up of the large blue doors and a perspective view of the kitchen.
Blue kitchen cabinets stand out amongst the muted colours of the rest of the kitchen.

‘They had everything we wanted in an architect: someone who listened to us, made efforts to understand our needs and wants, had loads of ideas but didn’t force any on us, and were completely reliable throughout. I have no doubt that the extension we created would have been far less impressive (and its creation magnitudes more stressful) if we didn’t have them guiding us through it.’
– Chris & Mariko