Queen Margaret’s Grove

Islington N1, 2017

Rear extension including large sliding doors leading to an open and spacious dining area.

Large sliding doors open up the back of our Islington project – with considerate and minimal interventions throughout, the refined white palette allows daylight to bounce around the opened up spaces.

Project Leader: Claire Holton

Perspective view of garden fragment in relation to the living space inside the extension.
Light filled lounge in large Victorian property. Artwork tops off this beautiful space.
Interior view looking onto the garden patio.
White palette walls allow focus on bright and colorful details in the bedroom furniture.
Minimal palette bathroom offers plenty of light to reflect off the mirrors facing the window.
Internal view of a fragment of the kitchen overlooking the island and partial wall.
Contemporary bathroom allowing focus on the details in the design.
Perspective view of the garden from behind the closed sliding doors.