Gable House

Stoke Newington N16, 2017

This kitchen extension in Stoke Newington shows off its new structure. A new chunky steel, exposed rafters and grooved panelled ceiling form a white gable internally that is highlighted with natural daylight from rooflights above. Outside, the gable sits beautifully in its garden setting with timber batten cladding covering the rear façade.

Project Leader: Claire Holton

Timber cladding rear extension including large sliding doors overlooking the garden.
Interior view overlooking the beautiful roof structure leading to the scenic garden.
Corridor leading into the rear extension including roof lights allowing plenty of light to pass through the space.
Roof lights overlooking a peaceful reading corner next to the scenic garden view.
Minimalist kitchen allow focus on the bright pattern wall.
Interior view into the rear extension kitchen.
Beautiful view of the reading area against sliding doors leading onto the garden.