Steel Frame House

N16 London, 2017

Rear kitchen and ding space extension including large oak doors and a steel frame.

A polished palette of oak, steel and glass is dotted throughout this Stoke Newington renovation. The rear elevation shows off its steelwork, contrasted by warm oak bi-folds within the steel frame. The new kitchen is naturally lit with the huge ‘up and over’ glazed ceiling that extends down the side of the exposed brick party wall.

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Project Leader: Nicola Lumsden

Internal view of the exposed brick wall and oak island worktop.
Glazed ceiling allowing plenty of light to shine into the new kitchen.
Entrance into the new kitchen and dining space with the central feature being the glazed ceiling.
Beautiful gold sink battery and marble worktop work perfectly with the teal kitchen cabinets.
Staircase leading to the rest of the renovated property.
The gold brass details and interesting lighting are the key features in this renovated bathroom.
The beautiful bathtub on legs being another key feature in this renovated bathroom.
Renovated loft and steel frame rear extension in Stoke Newington.
Close up of the contrast between the two materials used in the rear extension.