N16 Loft

N16 London, 2015

Plywood balustrade stands out amongst a rather minimal colour palette of the renovated staircase.

A double height window floods the contemporary plywood staircase up to this loft extension in Stoke Newington. The loft provides a nursery, bathroom and double bedroom with a balcony hidden behind the existing parapet that extends the sense of space and light.

Project Leader: Cristina Blanco Montero

Close up of the plywood balustrade in the converted loft in Stoke Newington.
The contrast of the plywood balustrade and white staircase and walls.
Rear facade showing the large window providing plenty of daylight into the staircase.

‘The initial design process was really fun – looking at all the options and drilling down to a final design.‘
– Lucy & Evan

Large window allowing plenty of sunlight to shine inside the house and onto the bespoke plywood balustrade.

‘They really helped take the fear factor out of a big building project.’
– Lucy & Evan



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