Two Tone House

Brockley SE4, 2018

View of the contrasting materials between the new rear extension and original building.

This large terrace house for a young family is extended with a zinc clad ground floor extension and capped with a zinc loft. Light oak framed glazing contrasts the dark zinc externally, while a two tone bespoke concrete kitchen sits inside.

Project Leader: Joanna Jones

Contemporary kitchen with minimal colour palette brings focus to the brass fittings.
Kitchen overlooking the garden and large oak doors.
Perspective view of the kitchen allowing a closer look at the brass fittings.
A closer look at the zinc cladding and large oak doors.
Pinboard and built in bench breaking up the space wonderfully for a perfect relaxation corner.
Loft extension bedroom filled with light coming through the roof light and oak windows.
Hidden staircase leading to the loft extension including bespoke shelving.
Close up of the concrete kitchen worktop and brass handles.