Photographer’s House

N16 Stoke Newington London, 2017

Photographer's House: Interior view of the side extension including a new kitchen with a pastel minimal colour palette.

A glazed return roof, large French doors and a muted pastel colour palette create a contemporary light and airy family space that contrasts with the cosy, traditional living area at the front of the house.

Project Leader: Jessica Williamson

Photographer's House: View of the dining space opposite the kitchen overlooking a bespoke white bookshelf and large doors opening up to the beautiful garden.
Photographer's House: Beautiful timber room with large windows allowing plenty of light to come through. Green sofa and armchair fitting with the timber as well as the greenery outside.
Photographer's House: Side extension view overlooking the staircase leading to the rest of the house.
Photographer's House: Rustic door opening to the contrasting new kitchen extension.
Photographer's House: Contemporary spacious kitchen with a minimalist colour palette.
Photographer's House: Painted floorboards in the side extension leading to the large doors.
Photographer's House: Light and simple bathroom with a wooden worktop.